With experience of over 26 years in this industry, Foshan Shunde Huatong Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. has been developing stably.

The thought of our company is “Customer comes first” and the principle of our management is “Service for customers first”. We also own a group of highly qualified managers and professional teammates with years of working experience. They are full of youth vitality and teamwork spirit.

Reasonable business philosophy helps us to continuously make high-quality products with fine manufacturing technique, which has gained constant trust and support from customers all over the world. 

We will stick to our original principle and keep making improvements in the coming days, striving to create a forever myth in the furniture industry.


As our products are branded

We might not offer you at the cheapest prices, what we can offer you will be good quality.

We prefer to explaining about our prices for some while instead of apologizing about quality for a whole life!

If just pursuing for profit, we certainly can reduce our cost to reach the goal. But we think only the perfect quality is worthy of our pride.

We promise, we will never betray the future for the short-term interest.

We persist, only for widespread recognition from more and more abroad customers.

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