Foshan Shunde Huatong Garden Furniture Ltd.

  In 1990, Foshan Shunde Huatong Outdoor Furniture Ltd. was established, which is the first manufacturer of outdoor casual furniture in domestic China.

  In 1999, Foshan Shunde Huatong Garden Furniture Ltd. was set up.

  In 2003, Foshan Shunde Huatong Furniture was established.

  In 2003, Domestic Sales Department was founded, focusing on the Chinese market, bringing outdoor leisure concept into China. Our company is one of the members of China Furniture Association and Guangdong Furniture Association. Our company has a complete set of management, production, R&D, production technique, quality inspection, after-sales service and marketing team. Our products are popular in many countries and regions of Europe, America, Australia, Mid-East and China.

  In 2004, the Kingbird brand was registered, aiming to become a most intimate furniture designer for decent persons who know how to enjoy life, trying to satisfy their need to enjoy the life. With unique design concepts and excellent quality, our products have met with great favor home and abroad.

  In 2015, we have gone through 26 years.High quality as the core principle.
We are committed to provide high-quality customers with high-quality products and services. 

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